Ashv Shakti

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Ashv Shakti the ayurvedic medicine you can trust. Most medicine that are available in the market are not so effective. They don't help you achieve your goals like Ashv Shakti. Ashv Shakti is a popular weight gaining Medicine that contains 100% whey protein, skimmed milk, altodextrine, minerals, vitamins, flavors and preservatives that are fit for human consumption. This medicine provides you with all the essential amino acids required for muscle recovery after exercise as well as tissue regeneration. Lactose and fat levels. Mix and take 1 capsule of Ashv Shakti medicine with 250 ml of milk twice everyday for instant results. Note that this product does not cure, diagnose or prevent disease. The best thing about Ashv Shakti is that it is not available in the market at a fair price unlike most medicine. Remember to close container tightly and keep it in a cool and dry place. Try out this amazing medicine.